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Our Clients Say

In just few minutes we were ready to capture our deal and protect it from exchange rate loss

Protect Your Business Profitability by
Hedging Your Currency & Commodity Risks

It's simple as 4 clicks

Who We Are

RiskHedger provides an easy to use yet professional system to hedge your Currency and Commodity risks.

Our broad knowledge and experience with various financial tools combined with our advanced technology, allow us to offer you an  easy way to protect your business profits with just 4 clicks 

Protect Your Profitability in
4 Simple Steps

Our solution allows you to protect your profits in 4 simple steps, it is clear and easy to use, monitor and control.
No matter if you are a small or large business it is simple to protect your profitability and focus your on your main business.


Capture Your Deal

Capture the deal information you would like to protect


Evaluate the Risk

The system will analyze your deal and profoundly assess any potential risk any risk


Choose your Hedging Strategy

The system will propose a few hedging strategies you only need to choose & evaluate your the one fit to your needs


Execute & Monitor

Get an online quote for your hedging strategy and execute.. it is done, you are protected.
Now monitor for any future change.

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