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About RiskHedger


RiskHedger is a professional risk management system that provides easy to use yet professional tools to hedge your Currency & Commodity risks.

We provide a comparative solution to measure your deal or exposure risk, propose the hedging strategy and allow you to get an online quote for immediate hedging of the risk.
Our unique system is designed to provide a professional solution and it allows Medium to Small businesses to hedge like professionals.

Our Team is a mix of Financial, Technological and Trade professionals - giving comprehensive understanding for your needs.

Why RiskHedger

We are Team of professional that understand your needs and improve the system to support it


We provide you with a Simple professional solution that allows you to start protecting your business profitability immediately. No learning is required nor any prior knowledge needed. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to help all medium to small businesses succeed by giving them quick and easy access to risk hedging. Often, all medium to small business needs is an easy to use solution to protect the business risks in order to help it grow and succeed.

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